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eSpring® Water Purifier Unit

eSpring® Water Purifier Unit

This in-home water treatment system, with a patented carbon-block filter and UV light, reduces potential health-effect contaminants and destroys microorganisms.


eSpring Water Purifier is the world’s best source of water. The eSpring Water Purifier destroys more than 99.99% of waterbourne, disease-causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water Water from the eSpring Water Purifier is safer than tap water It dramatically improves the taste, odour and clarity of water Other systems treat drinking water, eSpring purifies it. There are many reasons to choose an eSpring Water Purifier.


In addition to the benefits listed above, the eSpring Water Purifier also:

E-spring reduces potential carcinogens that can be found in drinking water and it is more convenient than bottled water

-has a high flow rate to fill your glass or container quickly

-treats drinking/cooking water for a family of 6 for up to one year

-improves the taste of beverages made with filtered water

-is less costly than bottled water

-has been certified to reduce more health effect contaminants than any other carbon based system.

-effectively reduces chlorine

-effectively reduces lead in drinking water

-effectively reduces mercury in drinking water

-effectively reduces waterbourne parasites

-effectively reduces radon and radon decay products in drinking water

-does not remove beneficial minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and fluoride


No other Water Purifier compares to the eSpring Water Purifier.

The eSpring Water Purifier is truly the first of its kind in many respects:

It is the first in-home system to combine a patented carbon-block filter with ultraviolet light and an electronic monitoring system

-The only system certified to effectively remove lead, THMs and more than 140 contaminants

-The first system in the world to meet NSF International Standards 42, 53 and 55

- three internationally recognized water quality standards certified by NSF International for the reduction of more contaminants than any other UV carbon based system

-The first system to use wireless inductive coupling technology to increase safety and reliability.

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